Thursday, 19 July 2018

Do You Look Good in White?

Hello on a very hot Thursday from my home in the little woods.  This early in the morning all the windows are open hoping to catch the last of the overnight cooler breezes before having to shut them all.  It is still hot here- not complaining. Because all this sun is glorious!

My bouquet for indoors this week...the whites and the almost all whites. (Too many here but trying to dry some to keep). These are from the smooth Annabelle hydrangea trees that are on each side of the front walkway...the blooms are greenish (like in the photo below) till they turn white and then they look like giant snowballs. The bees like them.

And this little guy who seemed to be basking in the sun. It was around this time, I realized I would have to start watering more heavily as things were drying out fast.

They made me think about the colour white, the everlasting symbol of purity and innocence.  Even if the lie we tell is a white one, it is probably considered innocent.
  I read that more women's names are derived from white than any other colour, like this famous one- Blanche Devereaux (perhaps scampishly named this considering what white stands for).  Oh I got such a kick out of that show!

A tree frog...their white colour so surprised me the first time I saw them. We usually have many of these guys around the back deck and go to sleep at night to the unique sounds of their mating croaks.  Music only to a fellow tree frog ears!

Even the scrappiest of quilts needs something to tie it all together. Often the colour white is used in this way perhaps because it is being chosen by older individuals. Our love of white grows as we age apparently, as children almost never say white is their favourite colour.

Here is a perfect example of a beautiful scrappy quilt made more beautiful by the effective use of white. You can read this 2012 post at the Squares and Triangles blog to see how it was made.

Tanya seems to have ended her blog in 2016 but this post remains a valuable one for showing how to use scraps to make a wonderful quilt.

Do you have a favourite flower?  Mine is miniature white carnations. I like just one or two together or many making a large bouquet. Long lasting, unassuming, easy to care for and not expensive at all means they have a lot going for them.  When I was younger I thought those words could also describe me but time/experiences have shown me I and we are all probably much more complicated than we think. :)
Image result for miniature white carnations

I made four more Lily blocks and realized how it is the whites that are making the reds and pinks shine. But not showing up in this darkened sewing room photo.  Can you see where the wind lifted in the blind?

Now I've got to ask, do you think you look good in white?  I know some nurses in the old days hated to wear their white uniforms because they thought the white didn't suit them.
I was always kind of neutral (lol) about white but now that my hair is whitish, I seem to like it more. Perhaps I'll even go the way of Katherine Hepburn who in later years wore only comfortable (but I'm sure well tailored) white shirts with equally comfortable khaki slacks.
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