Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Peace and Plenty

This is a small cross stitch design I worked a couple of years ago.  I don't remember whose design it is but I know the threads were Weeks and had a soft hue to the colours.  Sewing the aida cloth to the regular cotton was a challenge for me and I remember having to resew by hand several of the corners to get them to lie flat.
I love the wish ...peace and plenty.  It sums up in two words all that we really could want or expect in our lives.  My generation was especially lucky in one very important noteworthy way.  As Canadians in my age group, we represent one of the few generations in the world that have not had to go fight in a war; for instance while I was strolling around a university campus in my late teens, my American counterparts were embroiled in the Vietnam war.  It is sad to think that all of the following generations have had continual involvement in one 'conflict' or another around the globe. 
I often think about how most of us do not qualify for any of the big awards in life...never get a Nobel prize, an Oscar, or hit the jackpot in a lottery.  But there are many rewards we get every day and we all deserve and qualify for them.  They may be small but are still worthy of our gratitude.  I'm thinking of things like that great cup of coffee, holding our grandchildren, enjoying a wonderful meal, hearing a song that makes us stop and listen...these kinds of things we all have, no matter who we are. 
I wish you wherever you are peace and plenty.