Friday, 15 November 2013

Granny Squares in Jewel Tones

What is it about yarn that makes us want to get out the needles and begin knitting or crocheting...
I recently decided to return to the old fashioned granny squares that I learned to crochet as a teenager and always enjoy working.  I checked out some images of afghans online just to help me with the colour plan and decided to work on bright, jewel toned colours.  I thought it would help liven things up especially now with the autumn season closing and the days getting shorter and darker.  We are very quickly moving to the shortest day of our year here in this climate...December 21.  By 5 p.m. it is quite dark which can make it seem kind of gloomy and I can certainly sympathize with people who suffer with more sadness or depression at this time of year.  Fortunately I don't feel like that and even enjoy bundling up, wearing sweaters, and hunkering down for the longer winter nights.
Here are my first samples and I find they are looking quite cheery and work up quickly while I watch t.v.  I plan on edging them with the brown before stitching together.  Not sure yet what I will do with the finished afghan, perhaps pass along to someone in the family. 
Friday night...I have been retired 5 years now and Fridays still give me a lift.  How embedded in the spirit must it be to look forward to the weekend.  Tonight hubby and I are watching The Hobbit; have had it in the PVR waiting for the right time.