Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bible Gardens and Pleasing the Eye

Last bouquet from the garden.  You can see  I had to add some sedum, a true and sturdy autumn plant, to fill it out.  I consider flowers little miracles, so pleasing to my eye and enjoy watching them grow very much.  I have a small greenhouse attached to the side of the barn and it is there I begin the early seed planting about March month.  Usually I use seeds I buy at Walmart and have varied success with sprouting; sometimes nothing germinates at all while others reward my efforts and behave quite well and give me my cents worth.  This year I think I will break down and purchase seeds from some of the beautiful catalogues I receive in the mail.  I do look through them, like my cook books, and day dream about future plantings.  Like most hobbies in my life, I am a complete novice and still learning as I go.
I've had various ideas for gardens...recreating my grandmother's flower garden which would include geraniums, sweet Williams, nasturtiums, forget me nots, pansies and the like.  Or perhaps, a Bible garden...what flowers grew in Bible times and are mentioned; lilies, crocuses and roses come to mind.  Think I will need a bit of research on that one.  A friend of mine had a landscape artist come and plan her garden for her.  Though beautiful, it quickly became too overwhelming for her to manage on her own and she wound up changing around a lot of the choices to far fewer plants and those that could grow without loads of weeding and care.  One aspect of that garden I did admire was waist high beds with strawberry plants which meant no deep bending; that can be so hard on the back at my age.
Almost finished my scarf...hopefully before the snow flies.  Added to my granny squares last night and today I'm heading to my sewing machine to put in a couple of hours on some projects I have in the works for quilting.  I will share those efforts with you soon.
  Hope there is something pleasing to your eye in your day today.