Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Cake Loving Dogs

                                             What happened to this cake??     

  Here is the cake I made for my husband's birthday last summer.  It is an awesome recipe if you do not mind starting with a cake mix.  I found it and is called the Best Chocolate Cake.  I made the mistake of displaying it, unguarded, in the dining room.  I returned to find our German Shepherd, Rex, leaned up on his fore paws chomping into my cake.  He loved the recipe too apparently.  I know chocolate is not supposed to be good for dogs, but he certainly didn't seem to suffer any ill effects; more likely his ears from the screech I let out when I saw him.  Hubby didn't mind at all and very happily enjoyed the rest of his cake.

Yes, how we love our pets and it is so true the loyalty they give us.  I always enjoy entering the house because of the happy greeting they give me every single time, whether I am gone five minutes or five hours, it is always the same.  I am positive no human has ever been as happy to see me as those dogs are.

I filled my bird feeders this morning which I do once a week.  I am using mostly sunflower seeds and I am very pleased by the array of birds this attracts. These days, chickadees, juncos, bluejays, white breasted nuthatches, downy woodpeckers and one chipmunk who looks like a little vacuum filling his cheek pouches are all at the feeders, usually together.  A flock of robins combed the front lawn yesterday and are gone today; no doubt moving south seeking warmer temperatures and who can blame them.  It got down to minus 11c last night and the ground is rock hard this morning.

I almost have my scarf finished.  I have been watching a season of The Walking Dead on Netflix and The Good Wife on pvr all the while knitting.