Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Again and Reading On

Municipal Christmas lights have been hung, stars in one town, giant candles in another and snowflakes in yet another.  I find the sight of them cheering as I drive through and I suppose that has something to do with the excitement as a child I felt when seeing anything to do with Christmas preparations.  These reactions to childhood experiences  linger so long even into older age, apparently.  A friend works in a home for elderly women suffering dementia.  She said when some of the ladies hear it is Christmas coming they become agitated and upset that they don't have their baking done or presents bought and wrapped.  How deep in the female psyche it must reach that even in senility some women feel the need (and burden) to be making Christmas preparations.  No doubt like stories can be told about women around the world in other cultures feeling similarly about religious or family traditions. It reminds me of an old saying..."men may work from sun to sun, but women's work is never done."
 What is on my night table this week...The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahon.
I am enjoying reading this book...good characters and parts of the novel are very suspenseful; however some sections seem a little overlong to me so I get a bit bored and skip over them.  Perhaps there could have been more editing to keep the story a little tighter. Maybe that is just me and the feeling I always have about my reading....too many books, not enough time!