Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Journal for Every Reason

My various diaries, journals and notebooks
My first had a burgundy cover with something like a moire pattern on it, a sheen and shine that whorled into patterns when held up to the light.  It came from my grandmother for my tenth birthday and at first I thought it was a wonderful gift.  It had a locking mechanism and the typical tiny key attached by a ribbon.  I was very careful to lock it after every entry and keep the key hidden in the back of my sock drawer.  However,the motivation to write every day soon paled; I bored even myself with my bland, dull entries.  My single recurring theme of going to school, coming home, eating supper, doing my homework, and watching t.v.  was so unimportant and uninteresting, I gave up on recording it.  It didn't help that I read The Diary of Anne Frank at the time and loved it; now there was a life worthy of recording.  My hum drum little life certainly diminished all the more. At that time, I knew nothing of just how interesting so-called ordinary domestic life can really be.  I don't know why I didn't think recording the loss of our dog, or my hospital stay, or squabbles with my friends, boys I liked, etc. would make for interesting reading.  I did not have the habit of writing for myself; I seemed to be thinking of an audience reading it and being judgemental somehow. 
I have grown to love diaries, notebooks and journals ever since. Now I use them for multiple purposes daily.  Two in my pile above are just for library to note any books I might want to read and one to record those I actually read.  The smallest one goes with me everywhere to note anything that I find interesting whether it be sayings or recipes or whatever.  Another has all my passwords, lists of belongings, important numbers, etc.  I note all my needlework in another...I'm trying hard to be more diligent in noting the kind of wool or fabric used and where the pattern comes from, etc.  This is also my wish book where I note intriguing ideas and sketches for future projects.  With the start of this blog, I've added yet another book to the for all my blog ideas and plans. There are so many!
Subsequently, my love of journals has become known in the family.  This is one my daughter brought me from Cuba; it is fashioned of homemade paper, hand sewn and has my name on the cover.  A perfect gift.