Sunday, 15 December 2013

Snow Day Beef Stew and Aging Motorcyclists

Friday 13th we got together with hubby's motorcycle buddies and wives...all six of us went to the Heirloom Café in Almonte.  This is an interesting and lovely restaurant situated in reclaimed space from a vintage mill.  It is one of those restaurants that displays art work by local artists which I always think is a great use of wall space, a practice beneficial to both parties.  I had Arctic char something I ate a lot of back in my Baffin Island days.  The whole meal from the miniature appetisers to the coffee was delicious.
These particular buddies are to be admired-into their 70's or fast approaching and still answering the call of the road.  They are smart men in many ways; able to do all their own bike maintenance is just one of the ways.  These days they have adapted to their ages and ride only on weekdays when there is less traffic and only on back roads for the same reason.  Their equipment, helmet, gloves, boots, etc. is all top-notch and their philosophy is atgatt...all the gear all the time.  I wish hubby would take as much interest in clean kitchen floors as he does in cleaning those bikes.  Yes, I said bikes because apparently, you need a big bike and a little bike. They get to ride several times a week and though hubby thinks each season might be his last, so far, so good.
Happily housebound today-another 6 inches of snow fell overnight.  Another slow simmering meal on the stove, my easy version of beef stew.  I put a small packet of beef chunks, a chopped onion, all available vegetables cut into chunks- turnip, carrots, potatoes, half a box of beef broth and in this case, a can of stewed tomatoes all together and let it simmer on low for 2 hours.  A little seasoning  whatever you like; I do not use salt unless the final taste is crying out for it.  In this case it was salty enough probably from the broth.
I am off to my sewing room and a couple of projects requiring the sewing machine. Hope your Sunday is a restful one.