Friday, 6 December 2013

Taking Stock of My Stash

Happy Friday to all those five day a week workers.  I remember well how special and necessary the weekend would be.  I'm showing you this beautiful winter themed fabric from Northcott; it is 100% cotton and I actually bought it on an impulse.  I saw it and could not resist the nostalgia of the various motifs.  But now what exactly to do with it?  So far I have tried to make these tree decorations showcasing the scenes, circular with a ruffled edging and stuffed with batting.  I still have to work out what to hang them with...perhaps ribbon or a length of braided perle cotton. 
I keep promising myself that I won't buy any more cloth unless I have a project in mind for it but it just seems there are more and more beautiful fabrics available.  Far cry from the day when my mother had to order cloth, sight unseen, from the Simpsons or Eatons catalogues. 
Years ago I read an article in a quilting magazine about how to hide your fabric stash from hubbies.  It was amusing all the places they suggested...on your hangers with your blouses covering it, in under-the-bed containers, at your next door neighbours, etc., the implication being that so many of us do succumb to the allure of all those lovely prints and colours and buy more than we can ever hope to use.  I have been especially dazzled by all the choices of batik cloth lately; the colours and designs are amazing.
So it is really these manufacturers' faults; I'm going to blame them for aiding me in becoming a cloth hoarder.