Sunday, 8 December 2013

Downtown and Primitive Embroidery

These are examples of small embroidered tree decorations I made in 2012.  One of my daughters enjoys primitive style items for decorating her house and that was the inspiration to make these particular items.  I gave her a number of them for her tree, too.  The patterns were found with a little research around the internet and were free for personal use. 
I live within the city of Ottawa environs; a 30 minute drive and we are quickly away from the farms and rolling countryside and somewhere completely different.   Downtown, as Petula Clark sang so many decades ago.  Today we went downtown for lunch with friends, a small adventure-like outing for us these days. Even the people look different downtown,  so modern, moving at brisk speeds, businessy and important-looking.  Yes, I do feel a little like the country mouse when we go there and conscious that we are making a small step outside our comfort zone, literally.  But it is invigorating too and interesting.  We ate in a bistro and were served what my mother would call "polite portions" by a very attractive young woman in a white blouse and black pencil skirt.  Yes, you can imagine her size when you know she was wearing a 'pencil' skirt.  I think age 10 was probably the last time my hips could have fit into a skirt like that.  All that being said, the food was tasty, the coffee delicious and our time spent catching up with friends wonderful.