Monday, 30 December 2013

End of Year Thoughts

A tiny selection of angels...I like to group things together so here are the ladies all huddled together on the hall table.  I can still take pleasure in these old symbols of Christmas.  As the sands of time for 2013 are draining,  I can't help but think of how life as we know it keeps changing.  If you are like me, you can still remember how things were in and about the middle of the last century when we were born.  I can still wrap myself in the memories of how things used to be when I need to.
Looking back the extent of my ignorance of  many things but especially technology was breath-taking. I thought I was going to be retired before computers became a mainstream item in schools.  Instead I worked a full decade with computers before I left my career.  I thought it would be like television which took about ten years before it was commonplace for every home to have one.  The speed that all this has happened is what I find incredible.  You have to understand that I still feel in awe of the skilled technology that enables voices to be sent through wires; I'm amazed that someone dreamed that up and it worked.
 I know I am at a pre-kindergarten level with all of  this stuff.  Perhaps computer technology has advanced as much as it can for I keep reading that robotics is where the next major developments are going to be made.   I listened to an interview with a robot on radio last week; "she" was able to answer 'thinking' questions.  Imagine that!