Thursday, 19 December 2013

Grandson Questions

In my role as Nana to a nine year old boy, I do get asked interesting questions.  Why do adults like please and thank you so much?  If the Yeti and the Abominable Snowman had a fight, who would win?  If I had a special power, what would it be?  For this last one, I turned it around on him, what would his special power be?  His answer surprised me.  He said his power would be that he could move stealthily.  I asked for a demonstration of this to which he crept around the kitchen like a miniature cat burglar, stealthy indeed.  Most of my questions are not as funny as my friend's grandson asking, "Grandma, what were the dinosaurs like when you were young?"
I watch grandson punching the air, pretending to karate chop an imaginary assailant.  He is mock testing his sense of bravery, re-enacting moves and actions of his favourite heroes, Thor or Iron Man or Batman.  "What video games did you play when you were young, Nana?"  Technological devices are so common to him, so embedded in the make-up of his daily life that he cannot imagine a world without them.  I've explained I was older than him before I got a toy that needed plugging in- a record player when I was thirteen.  I was almost as old as him when we got our first television.  I've had him watch Bugs Bunny cartoons but he still asks about the other things I must have had. 
It is interesting to watch grandchildren trying to make sense of their world.  I don't envy them that as the world seems to be getting trickier and more complex all the time. 
Technology...a tide that will not, cannot be turned, short of an apocalypse.  Everyone swept away in a sea of devices all requiring recharging.