Monday, 9 December 2013

Mouse-Trapping Nana

At night, mice run up the wall and across the ceiling of the bedroom.  I don't mind the occasional time this happens; their sounds are tiny, barely-there scratches.  I do mind when I find evidence that they have been in the kitchen cupboards.  I have had to learn the signs...their minuscule but many black droppings and the unique way they shred paper, sponges, tissues, etc.  I understand there are diseases that can be gotten from these seemingly harmless critters around our food.  It is for that reason I set traps and reluctantly capture the odd mouse.  By the way, my animal loving husband refuses to do this, so the task remains mine.
I have a certain sentimentality about them.  I've studied them and admired their colours.  All are field mice with white underbelly and a pretty almost chestnut colour on their backs.  They look healthy enough.  I'm sure they are benign for the most part, but in my cupboards, no - I can't have that, as much as I wish I could turn a blind eye.
Hubby assures me that is part of living in the country...there will be mice.  I cleaned out a large bird house one day and when the roof was lifted, out hopped a mouse.  She left her very comfortable nest with three tiny offspring behind.  I quickly replaced the roof and returned the house to the same spot in the tree and I assume mother mouse found her way back to the babies.  One day we found a mouse family living in one of hubby's big work gloves; it was in a workbench drawer in the garage.  We checked back the next week and they were all gone. The oddest place we have found mouse evidence was in the glove compartment of the car...telltale shredding of a napkin and tissues in the tissue box. We checked all around the vehicle but could not find a nest.  I know when the weather turns colder as has happened rather rapidly here, mice seek warmth and that's when they enter our houses.  We all have to be here, so I guess, it is inevitable that our paths must cross.