Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Still Mindfully Thankful

"Never a Christmas morning,

Never an old year ends,

But someone thinks of someone;

Old days, old times, old friends."

                       Author, unknown

I just refilled all the bird feeders.  This aroused a lot of interest from my bird friends; they were flocking around even as I was walking away. The dogs with me did not deter them so I am thinking those poor birds are desperately needing lots of seeds to maintain their body warmth.  It is -28 degrees C and there is a frostbite advisory in effect.  No sun, no shadows; the sky is a perfect pearl gray.  The snow underfoot is bumpy and crunchy; yes, the last day of the year is a cold one  in Canada's national capital.
I can't help thinking about those birds; how do their tiny, spindly legs not freeze?  What are their ways to keep warm?  I think just the freezing air today would overtake their feeble limbs and minuscule organs.   Somehow they survive.
Tonight is New Year's Eve.  In my younger years, I often celebrated the occasion; these later years I do not.  In fact, I will probably be asleep for this year's countdown.  But I will be having a treat for supper...hot and sour soup and suishi and all the shrimp I can eat.  Tomorrow it will be back to the traditional fare of another turkey dinner. 
So the last day of the year finds me mindfully thankful for my warm fire, my good food, and having enough to share with my feathered friends.