Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My On-Going Love Affair with Books

What's on my night table now....

I just don't see the sense in spending money on magazines.  I can read an issue in about 20 minutes and then it is mostly good for passing on to someone else.  Books are different and I can appreciate the merit in building a personal library.  These days I buy mostly craft, needlework, and cooking books for my own reference and most of them at Value Village or yard sales. I also receive them as gifts from time to time of course which I love.   
 The most valuable card in my wallet is my library card. I always say I could never afford to feed my reading habit without it.  One of the best things about living here in the Ottawa area is having any number of libraries where my card is honoured.  At one time a different card for each little town library was needed; since amalgamation the same card allows you to borrow and return books at any library making the experience so convenient.  I'm an eclectic reader and enjoy all genres.  Along with my books, I usually check out a few magazines as well especially any having to do with recipes.  Sometimes I arrange my time so I can sit for a while and read issues such as People or Monarchy that I don't normally read.  I used to keep up with pop culture but since the proliferation of so many reality shows, I've kind of lost touch with the newest 'stars'. 
Yes, I love libraries.  Now about my latest book....Lori Lansens' The Girls.  It is about two sisters, twins who are actually conjoined at the head.  Though their story is mainly told through Rose; her sister, Ruby also narrates from time to time.  It is interesting to me that I forget their conjoinment and identify with their struggles in life, which are the usual ones that in fact we all face.... having to do with friendship, love, family, etc.  It is easy reading and well done. 
I am taking a day off the needlework.  I crocheted yesterday for several hours and I feel a few twinges of pain in my wrist.  I heed the little warning and know to give  it a rest.  I'm just looking through some recipes because this would be a great day for Christmas baking.