Friday, 13 December 2013

Teacherly Ways and Being Prepared

I was a teacher for over three decades and I have many teacherly ways about me.  I have to resist the urge to herd the family into the car when we go on outings.  I'm the one asking if everyone has everything when we are leaving. I have just now stopped pointing out available washrooms. I'm the one in the group with an extra pen or tissue in my purse.  I have to stop myself from saying 'good job' or 'keep trying' to the very young checkout girl who is new on the job and still learning.  I still can't bear to throw out plastic tubs or toilet paper rolls.  I love looking through the school aisle at Staples and catch myself day dreaming about the lovely new wall displays or folders. 
After I retired, I volunteered at my grandson's school for three years just to ease myself into my new life.  It was very enjoyable for me and it definitely served the purpose.  By the end I no longer thought I should still be on the job and I was ready to admit as much as I had loved my career it was time to let go.
I don't think the qualities I have carried forward are especially bossy.  I was a Girl Guide when young for many years and our motto was "Be Prepared".  Having a solemn and serious nature, this motto was taken to heart by me.  Being young and naïve,  I had no idea of what exactly life could hold for me...all the events and experiences, and as hard as I might try, there really was no way of being prepared.