Monday, 23 December 2013

Baby Holding and Baking

Recently I got to spend the day with my newest grandson who is about six weeks old now.  My daughter and I did some baking for Christmas while he spent the day doing all the things a newborn does these days.  He lay on something called a gym mat and ogled various items that deliberately dangle close to his eyes.  We noted he stared at the mirror image of himself most often and for the longest time.  From the kicking feet and waving arms we surmised he enjoyed his mat time very much.  Throughout the day he was changed four or five times with the diaper itself signaling  the need for changing.  A yellow strip down the middle conveniently turns green when liquid hits it taking the guess work out of the process, I guess.  How far we have come from Daughter's day when I, worried about stories of disposable diapers outlasting everything else in land fills, chose to clothe her in cloth diapers. 
The most interesting piece of baby equipment was his swing/cradle contraption which demonstrates all the engineering of a tiny space craft.  A most snug and cosy cradle is cantilevered out from a floor standing arm.  This can swing the cradle from side to side or front to back at various speeds.  It has the ability to make nature sounds...Grandson enjoyed cricket sounds for quite a while, or music in the form of lullabies or soothing instrumentals.  Oh yes, it also has lights that soften or change colours. I think I was just as enthralled with all this as Grandson was.  He spent a very satisfied hour in it while we got on with the stirring and whipping.
We made frosted Queen Anne squares, chocolate fudge and Barbara Bush's recipe for Texas Cowboy cookies, apparently a favourite of the former president. 
In between Grandson got held lots...a day with baby holding in it is really the best possible of days.