Saturday, 21 December 2013

Grade 4 Christmas Play

They have practiced hard for this.  Time had to be carved from a busy schedule to go to the auditorium slash gymnasium, a room just large enough to make it difficult to heat, to take turns saying their parts and practising their places.  The Grade 4 Concert Day corresponds to the school Spirit Day and all the students are wearing pyjamas and toting stuffed toys, teachers too. Grandson's teacher is wearing his striped terrycloth robe.  I'm enough of a fuddy duddy to wonder if I would have allowed teachers to wear pyjamas in school back in my day (which is seeming further and further away). 
It is a production put on by nine year olds in a public school...this means no lighting, fancy sets or costuming to speak of.  It is a play about puppies in a pound all wishing for homes for Christmas; it will have to fall to Santa Claus to save the day and the puppies by taking them on his sleigh to new homes.  Grandson is a Jack Russell Terrier; his parents have had a hard time finding white pants for the role and have had to settle on beige ones hoping that Mr. Housecoat won't notice.  There are a surprising number of songs  and dance moves.  Grandson, who is a great enthusiastic dancer in the comfort of his home, looks a bit awkward and moves a little stiffly throughout.  But give him credit, we can see he is gamely trying to fit in all the moves and sings along to all the songs.  The girls, almost a foot taller than the boys, are the true stars.  They have the main speaking roles and carry the singing.  They are confident and can see them gently nudging the less competent boys around the stage.  It makes me wonder again how it ever became a man's world.
The audience, made up of family members, is duly appreciative; clapping enthusiastically when all is said and done. 
Grandson now has his memory of being in a school play which will be with him far longer and  more clearly than that great math lesson or any comprehension exercise ever will.