Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Perfection, Pumpkins and Perseverance

I should tell you right away that if you want to see perfection or professional results, mine is not the site for you.  I read that the Amish women make a small mistake deliberately in their quilts just to show that only God can be perfect.  No problem here.  I quite often have to ravel back knitting or undo my sewing...unsewing as I call it, which I hate doing.  When I was younger, more than one project was abandoned if I  couldn't get it as good as I thought it should be.  Now I am kinder to myself and try to see each project to an end.  For some reason, there is always a point in every project where my self doubt overwhelms me and I think I should abandon whatever is in my hand at the time.  Learning to persevere in spite of imperfections has not been easy for me. 
This is the wonderful design from +Crabapple Hill Studios called Autumn's Bounty which I worked in September.  I made a boo boo when copying the lettering unto my fabric.  I moved the words too far to the right; I only noticed this when it was done.  To compensate for the imbalance I had to add an extra sprig of leaves on the right side.  More work for myself but I loved the hanging in the end and have just taken it down.  This piece is coloured with crayons and set with the heat of an iron. The stitching is mostly backstitch with a little stem stitch.  I loved working on it and especially like the little bird sitting on the pumpkin stem.  Aren't pumpkins just the happiest looking things.