Monday, 6 July 2015

Quilts and Prize Winners All

You know you are a quilter when you like to pet fabric.

 I just came across that line on the web and thought, how true.  I must be a knitter too because I also like to pet wool, in fact, I really like to pet wool.

But back to the quilter in me.  Recently Daughter and I attended a quilt show and I thought after, what a great way to spend a morning.  Besides the array of awe inspiring quilts, the church ladies served a lovely tea so what could be better...beautiful quilts and tea and bikkies. Not much I'm thinking.

I thought of Hubby who would poo poo the idea of joining us but would have loved the tea and there were a couple of hubbies 'parked' at the tea room so he would have had manly company, as it turned out.
At this show of quilts, I was happy to recognize a number of BOM's from various designers. Also many of the patterns were familiar to me.  That was interesting and also fun to see such designs brought to life as it were.
  I took special note of all the quilting and my what beautiful work. So many of the backgrounds were elaborate scrolls, feathers, circles, name it, all glorious. Just immaculate stitching too.  How much it adds to a quilt to properly quilt it! Immeasurable.

Anyway here is a brief sampling of the variety of quilts gathered for this show.

I had to take a photo of this one because at the time our property was dotted with similar orange poppies. These are appliqued in batik cloth and not a stitch to be spied.  All hand done and a prize winner as it should be.

This notable quilt used regular piecing for the stars and trapunto for the quilted effect surrounding those stars.  This extra padding made the feathers stand out and is really what made this an extraordinary quilt.  All hand pieced and hand quilted and winner of many, many awards.

I think I recognize this one as a Blooms and Birds BOM; such pretty blues and reds.

This classic beauty was hand pieced and quilted, again with immaculate stitching.  A prize winner.

Pretty appliqued baskets...brings autumn to mind for some reason.  I loved examining the quilting on this one...straight lines and very effective. 

I liked how this snowman had minimal quilting, a lovely round scroll inside the edges...just enough.  I think I could manage that.  Got to chat with this quilter and she mentioned how much fun it was to make but also she wonders if she should have put a hat on his head.  Interesting how we scrutinize our own work.  We really do want to get it right, I guess.

I couldn't resist showing you a crazy quilt.  This was my first love in quilting and I tried my hand at it while in university many moons ago.  In those days you could buy bags of fabric scraps in Woolworth's and I would sit in my residence room while hand piecing the scraps onto a square of muslin. It was a satisfying activity and gives you a good idea of just what a nerdy student I was!
 Wild times. LOL