Tuesday, 14 July 2015

It's About the Bass

This is what I feel like more and more...

It's not so much that I have gained weight or sizes, but that the weight has somehow shifted. It used to linger around my hips and thighs but now it is more like 'pooling' there.  I don't like it.  Like poor duckie, I am feeling bottom heavy. If I were a fruit, I'd be a pear.
 I have filed a number of links to exercises to help with the problem but I haven't gotten round to opening them, much less starting them.  I have bought a yoga mat though and  have been doing a few sit ups...intermittently.  It makes me feel really good to do them and even a little self-righteous...as in I deserve this extra cracker and humus or cup of kettle corn. Okay, I admit it, that should read cups of kettle corn.  (One cup of popcorn isn't really very much.)
 I debate with myself about this... But I guess it's good I am trying and I know I must keep it up.  Daughters tell me I shouldn't fret it and just be happy I'm maintaining where I am but I seem to hold onto an image of myself all toned and fit with nary a bulge or pooky place.

And Murphy is here giving me her best begging face....please, please can we go for our walk now? 

So how can you turn down a face like this?
But it's really too hot outside for her.
The Dog Days of summer have officially begun as they should in July with recent temperatures reaching into the 30's C.  That's pretty warm and tough on the family members who sport permanent fur coats.  Lately the heat has felt positively stifling.  I had to do some weeding in the garden and really suffered to get it done.
  Not complaining though; I remember well not so long ago I was bending your ear about our frosty temperatures.

Bad Hand Update

I am using a hand splint for night time and very pleased with how my hand is doing.  I have also been careful to take it easy with that hand and also practice the exercises in that Youtube video.  Fingers of good hand crossed!