Wednesday, 8 July 2015

In Good Crochet Company

I am beguiled by the lovely colours used by the talented ladies, Sam at Betsy Makes and  Lucy at Attic 24 in their crocheted work.  I guess you could label them bright and modern. I've noticed that they have inspired many others to use similar colours if not the exact ones in their projects.  In fact, Lucy offers kits for many of the projects she creates and talks about on her blog.  Here's where you can check out all the lovely wool and patterns  that Attic 24 has to offer.  And you can also check out   Betsys' Sweet Crochet Patterns Here.

I too succumbed and ordered a batch of their favourite yarn, Stylecraft Special DK, with the thought in mind that when I have the urge to crochet again, I would have wool at hand.  In particular, I love Lucy's Granny Stripe Blanket.  Since I can only seem to crochet in squares or straight lines this particular pattern has my name on it...remember what a big deal it was for me to figure out that circle in a square pattern. I wouldn't tell anyone how many times I had to rewind the video of Mikey showing how it's done.  You can read my post about that crochet adventure here.

Isn't The Granny Stripe Blanket  pretty? This was made by Lucy and I especially love the two blues in the edging.

Attic 24 Granny stripe blanket

And equally important for me...doable! I think.  Yes, I'm pretty sure I can do it.
Now setting it up will be a bit of challenge.  I've read a number of blog posts telling about the first few rows being tricky.  You start by having to count almost 200 stitches so keeping track of that right off the bat is hard.


 Here is Lucy's beginning  row.

Other colours are pretty too... crocheters around the web have made this blanket in an array of wonderful colour choices.

Granny Stripe Crochet Afghan Throw Blanket ~ Sugar Bee Crafts. Love these colors!!Image result for granny stripe blanket imagesGranny Stripes crochet afghan

                All fetching.

And the wool I ordered arrived in pretty little organza bags tied with ribbon.

And here is a sampling of the colours in my basket.  Though very tempting to dive in,  I'm waiting before starting this project till my hand is better than what it is right now. Lots of incentive to get better.