Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Trio of Great Sites

There is so much inspiration around the web; I am constantly amazed by the beautiful work I see and read about. Here are a few sites for you to check out some time.

I'm happy to share this blogger with you.  It is Floresita at Things I Make and I really like how she writes about and shares all the projects she is tackling. In particular, I really like a regular feature on her blog and that is she shows one new knit stitch each week.  For instance this week it was the Diamond Honeycomb stitch.

Diamond Honeycomb stitch - blocked

Floresita always knits two samples each with different sized needles. This is so helpful.  She favours textured stitches and always provides a link to the pattern. Many of the stitches are chosen with an eye to even novice knitters being able to knit them. You must read her blog to keep abreast of the stitches, there are so many, and also to enjoy all the other things she accomplishes as well.  

And beauty is this...needle painting

Little Bee Eaters
From the extraordinarily talented "needle artist", Trish Burr.  Artist, indeed!  I've loved her work for many years and keep meaning to order one of her kits.  I'm thinking I'd better get on that before my eyes and fingers fail me (more).

I just love this image and the colours used.

Blue tit & Pansies

Trish also offers a number of free patterns and this is one of them...Blue Tit With Pansies.  

Check out Trish Burr's web site to view other free designs, samples of all her immaculate work and the sweet designs in kit form she offers for sale.

And lastly, I wanted to show you Frances' work at Fabadashery on an epic quilt making venture that she has dubbed the Nearly Insane Quilt.  Why that name?  Well, many, many blocks with many, many small pieces.  How small?  How about a little bigger than a grain of rice!!
The guide for this project is a book by  Liz Lois called Nearly Insane which has the templates for the 6 inch blocks making up this unique quilt.

Here is a close up of some of the blocks.  This photo really doesn't show the beauty of it.

Nearly Insane Quilt - All blocks complete!

I've read all Frances' posts regarding this adventure and found it very interesting to follow her ups and downs and progress.  It is finished now, all 422 blocks with over 6000 pieces of fabric of it, and what a work of art.
 Frances decided on a red, cream, pink and white theme which is fetching and here's the most amazing fact- it is 100% hand sewn.  She very generously shared her method for English paper piecing each block and often sewed through t.v. viewing, and during work lunch breaks.  Several years later she quite simply has created a masterpiece.  You really must take a look at her blog to fully appreciate what work has gone into this quilt.  Amazing.  And her other quilts are also very accomplished. 

I just love to be living in a time with the wonder that is the internet.  So many things to dream about and more beauty than we know what to do with...all at our fingertips.