Thursday, 23 July 2015

Stitching Updates

I have finally finished Block One of Hazels' Summer Wildflowers Quilt.  Bad hand has definitely slowed me down.  BTW, for those asking, I do have an appointment with my doctor for mid-August and this hand will be discussed.  My carpel tunnel feelings have evaporated thanks to much pampering but the knuckle protests when I try to lift anything heavy.  So a little something there.
Meanwhile...Here are a few close-ups of the flowers in that block. 

                                      Errant threads have been removed...

I am trying hard not to feel "behind" about this project.  This was my work for the summer and here it is already three quarters through July and only a start made on Block 2.   For some reason the cross stitching does not affect the hand like embroidering does so my Strawberry Thief has not suffered. Again I am struck by how right the red chosen for the strawberries is and how it shows up in the photos. 

Meanwhile Hubby is bravely making his way through his birthday cake.  That is a very large cake! I used the leftover birthday beef to make a small beef pot pie.  Hubby doesn't really care as long as there is pastry involved.