Monday, 18 January 2016

A Great Dessert, An SAL and Time For Comfort


It was an indoors kind of weekend. Except for refilling the bird feeders, I spent long hours bent over my sewing machine trying to get the pieced blocks for my Hazel project completed.  Which I did- more about that later.

And feeding the fire.  I remember a comment from a reader last year who said a wood stove is like having an are constantly feeding it.

In between, I had fun picking out the threads for a new cross stitch project; since finishing the last one I've been missing having a cross stitch project on the go.  I decided to join in with the Snowflower Diaries little monthly stitchalong.  The designs made by Maja are really cute and she is so generously offering them for free.  Scooch over to her site and have a look.  The first design for the month of January is a fox so of course, I was interested.


I decided Sunday would be like the Sundays I grew up with, a roast in the oven and vegetables cooking on the stove and a special dessert to top it off.  So I made a pork roast supper with oven roasted potatoes and what I hoped would be a great dessert.

I've mentioned Ina Gartner's ,The Barefoot Contessa, Beatty's Chocolate Cake and my intention to make it. Hubby reminded me I had said that in a post so Chocolate Cake would be our first  great dessert of 2016.
  What is it about chocolate cake that is so alluring?  Everything, Hubby would say.  If you want to make this cake, which is very straight forward, the link is here.

It calls for the usual ingredients with the extra additions of buttermilk (I soured regular milk with vinegar) and a cup of fresh coffee.  It made a very dark, moist cake.  We both thought it tasted very good.

It is also a large cake and you-know-who loves that.