Thursday, 7 January 2016

Finish Is My Word or Possibility

Mindful seems to be the word of the new year.  Did you know they are pushing the idea of mindfulness in new ways...
I think we've all heard of mindful eating; trying to slow down, enjoy the flavour and really taste your food.  But have you heard of 
 Mindful showering, yes, showering.  It is where you take the time to appreciate your body and feel thankful for all it does for you.  Or
Mindful cleaning in which you examine the things you have in your house with an eye to how much you use or enjoy them.  Declutter is what it used to be I think.

Did you also know?  Resolutions are not as popular as they used to be.  Their failure rate probably has something to do with this.  Now it is suggested that we adopt a single word as a resolution for the new year.  I could use "create" or "dream" as my word for 2016 but "finish" would probably be even more appropriate, lol.  I read that "better" and "acceptance" are very popular.

  What word do you think would be a good one for you to adopt for 2016?

This was one of my lovely gifts this Christmas.  Younger daughter knows my love for journals well.
This one combines a number of my favourite things.  The colour pink and an Emily Dickinson quote..."Dwell in Possibility"

Come to think of it," possibility" could be my word for 2016.

Daisy Debs asked what is a snowmobile.  So I thought to include in this post a photo of ours.  Some may know it as a ski-do.  I can hardly believe it now but I once lived in the Far North on Baffin Island and this was my mode of transportation around the little town I lived in.  I used it to go get my groceries.
 They are mainly used for enjoyment and around here there are groomed trails through the woods to ride on.  Ours gets most of its use on our own property pulling wood or just riding the trail we have around the land. But they are fun to drive and ride.