Friday, 15 January 2016

Angel Wings and Other Things

Just when you think you have all the Christmas things put away, your eye falls on something else.  Actually I think I might keep these here for awhile.  Who doesn't need angel wings and the cookie ornament is one Daughter made with little grandson.  Yes, I'll keep these here as little reminders of lovely things..
Speaking of angels I just read that 8 out of 10 people in America believe in angels.  Can that many people be wrong?

Or Dog Power.  This is a card I have to keep out for awhile.  It is so cute.  And these Labradors just might prove themselves to be even more useful as man's best friend.  On CBC radio last week, we listened to a program about all the research investigating Labradors' ability to sniff out cancer.  Their success rate in detecting cancer from a single drop of blood hovers between 85 and 100%.  It is being called Comparative Oncology and they reckon a computer program making use of this phenomenal smelling factor will be available in five year's time.  It will be especially useful for detecting the 'silent' cancers such as ovarian and gastric.  Well done, pups.

I couldn't believe it when I opened this present on Christmas Day. Younger Daughter had read my post about Bubble Lights and went all over looking for a set for me.  And found them in a specialty store along with lots of other old time Christmas things.   Here they are in their vintage packaging.  I was really touched.

                                             Christmas Crewel Stocking

Lots of good sales around the net on Christmas items.  I love this one.  A vintage (there's that word again) crewel embroidered stocking now on sale at LL Bean.  Love the look of the embroidery.

I will have a post soon showing my latest Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks.  I am steadily working on them and I think my technique is improving with the practice, but then I had a long way to go.  But this weekend I'll be at the machine finishing up my Hazel Project.  That too has been a journey.  Wish Me Luck!

A Happy Stitching Weekend to You All
Christmas Crewel Stocking
Christmas Crewel StockingChristmas Crewel StockingChristmas Crewel Stocking

Christmas Crewel StockingChristmas Crewel Stocking