Monday, 25 January 2016

On My Design Wall And Yes I Do Have One

Sort of....

Someone emailed me the idea of using a flannel-backed plastic picnic tablecloth as a design wall. Imagine that!  I'd never heard of such a thing. The flannel backing, they said, worked just as well as the ones you buy specifically designed for a design wall.  She suggested buying one and washing it out to make the back a little rougher.
 I did exactly that because I figured with buying one at the dollar store, what did I have to lose.  At the worst, I would have a picnic tablecloth.  I tried this and I am on record as saying it actually works.  My little Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks are hanging on just fine.
                                     Remember my theme?  Springtime on the Farm

 It's hanging over one of the china cabinets in the dining room. It worked so well I had to get out all my blocks that I had tucked away in my binder.  It was really fun to put them together and stand back and have a good look.  It immediately gave me an idea of the colours for my future blocks.  I made a list of the colours and will try to balance them out, number wise.  I've completed around 35 blocks with three more almost finished and several in pieces.  I like to have three blocks at a time so if I run into difficulties with one, I can pick up another and give myself a break. I'm really happy about one thing in particular...I tried to use white in each block because I'd planned to use white sashing from the beginning.  The white is 'helping' even some of the paler colours to stand out.

Here is one I definitely needed a break from... Hope; try as I might, I never did get that center square to work out.  And this was Hope  #2, which made it particularly discouraging.  But I haven't given up on her completely.  I've put her aside while I try to figure out a way to salvage her.  So close...

But apparently it is Lily that is giving people the most problems.  The Facebook group has been vocal in how difficult that particular block is.  I've read enough about her now that I don't think I will be trying that one.  That's a bit of a shame because I was wanting to make the blocks with flower names. Who knows...perhaps later on I'll get my nerve up.

 Pulling out the freezer paper templates is really easy. Do not hesitate to use that method if you are concerned about their removal.

When I talked about angels last week, I meant to include this photo from the fabric shop.

Two themed angels, one for a teacher and the other for a sewist.  There was an array of angels all designed for different careers and interests.  I've never seen these before.