Friday, 22 January 2016

The Year of the Pulse

After quinoa and kale, comes the

I was very interested in reading about pulses.  They have always made up a goodly proportion of the meals we eat.  Luckily we both tolerate this group well.  Pea soup made from dried peas, hummus, and lentils in soups and stews are the ways I make use of this wonderful food group.  The Pulse Canada website has all the information you need to know including lots of recipes.

I just tried Beet Crackers/Chips that I found at Costco.  They are different and I wanted to like them especially because I love beets.  But there is something a little too earthy in the flavour for me.  But I'll soldier through; just won't buy them again.

And the popularity of the so called Granny Crafts.

interior decorating with crochet items:

Knitting was always popular, no matter the age.  Needlepoint is considered hip right now as several major designers have entered the field.  Though crochet has had a bit of a struggle,definitely defined as a Granny Craft, it too is enjoying a popularity like never before.  These crocheted pillows from  Lushome show how lovely, vibrant and interesting decorating with wool can be.  But then I'm a little prejudiced...being one of those Grannies and all.

New Starts

How many new starts have you made already?
I read there is a challenge to log a new start for each day of January.  Then the real challenge is to finish them all before that year is out.  Some people have scaled this back to a new start each day of the first week.  That would definitely be more my speed.  Seven new starts would probably be manageable.  I say probably because I still have two WIP's clinging on into this new year.

  How are you doing with new starts?  So much temptation, isn't there?

Word For 2016

I've heard from a few people about their "word" for 2016.  "Yes" is being used by several as well as "dare"and it seems "finish" is very popular.  And if you are starting a new project each day for January, finish will be the only word for you for the year.  Ha,ha just kidding.

Orchid News

I received a question about my orchid.  They were wondering if it would rebloom and sure enough it is blooming again.  You'll remember it bloomed continually for over 18 months before losing all the blossoms.  I notice a difference in these particular blossoms though.  They are not as large or as vibrant a colour as that first set.  However it is sending out more buds every day which is interesting to see.  I'm wondering if I should have made the effort to look into special fertilizer for it.  It is also still in the original pot.  I wonder if the quality of the blossoms is signalling it needs repotting.  I should get on that and look it up.

Still so nice to have colour against the white, white view from my big window these days.

Hope there is something blooming in your life!