Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tassimo Vs Keurig, Lunch Out and Fabric Shopping

At the risk of boring you to tears, I'll share with you an ongoing discussion Hubby and I are having.  We have a 7 year old Tassimo coffee maker; it is working well and makes a quick cup of coffee.  But we have been intrigued by the Keurig.  Notably we can't help but see how much wider the selection of coffees are for the Keurig compared to the Tassimo.  Sometimes we can't even find Tassimo coffee while there will be a wall of choices for the Keurig. What's up with that?
 But to give up on a perfectly serviceable machine seems wasteful (just like the people I talked about in my last post!).  Meanwhile we do have a  4 year old Cuisinart machine that we use when we want a full pot of coffee.  Just how many coffee machines must a tiny kitchen have.
 The discussion is ongoing.  Any thoughts?

A horrible weather day yesterday and I was driving around doing my babysitting chores.  Snow and blowing snow and gray, gray, gray.  I drove like a little old woman, one of those you see whose head is shorter than the headrest and you think the car is driving itself.  If I was going to have a bump or go in the ditch, it would have been in slow motion.

Today, an about face...brilliant sunshine which often seems to happen.
We headed out to a friend's house for lunch. The long country drive with its scenes of pristine white snowy fields, blanketed horses, and evergreens looking winter picture perfect was very enjoyable.
 I wrote a post about visiting her house before and you can read  all about it here. .  She has the most wonderful house in the woods that reminds me of the house in Hansel and Gretel.  It is even painted yellow with lots of fretwork around the eaves.
 Lunch was salad, chicken noodle casserole with mashed squash; strawberries, ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert...all very yummy.  Our host made the noodles herself in a new fangled machine she got for Christmas.  She insisted it wasn't hard at all.
On the way home, we detoured into the nearest little town.  There I got to visit a fabric shop while Hubby went to one of his manly stores.

  I promised myself I would just take a quick look and not buy anything unless there was something that really jumped out at me.

What are the chances of that happening here? And yes, the bolts of fabric really do stretch down three aisles like this.

Maintaining focus is essential.  I don't know what happens to my eyes in places like this.  They seem to want to dart everywhere all at once!  I got sidetracked a little by this stack of upholstery fabric offered at a good reduction.  Still lots of windows in the house with no curtains I thought.

I had a great chat with the lady on cutting and a young woman buying the material to make her own wedding dress.  She had chosen a heavy satin for a dress that was to be very slim-lined and together they had found a tulle she liked for her veil.  What a wonderful undertaking!
I left the shop with a few purchases (of course) and feeling happy...sunshine and chatter about a June wedding.
What could be better?