Friday, 8 January 2016

Favorite Netflix Dramas To Stitch To

My shows I'm stitching to....

With the caption, the west can't be tamed, this show reminds me of the kind of shows that were around when I was a kid, Gunsmoke and the like. A hero of the old-fashioned model, quiet and full of integrity.  A crime cleverly solved in each episode too.

Broadchurch | BBC America

I love how these British shows employ seemingly 'real' people for their roles.  No cast of models there but good acting and a fascinating ongoing crime.  I just learned that Season 3 has been confirmed so happy about that. 

Whats Hot on TV – ‘Homeland’

I don't know how writers can maintain such a standard in each script as the folks writing Homeland manage.  Each episode can stand on its own as a short film, almost as good as what Breaking Bad accomplished.  Marvelous acting.

the bridge - best swedish tv series

Besides Wallender, we do watch several Nordic Noir type shows.  Arne Dahl being one and this one, The Bridge.  We are quite taken with the female lead detective, the first with Aspergers to be represented on screen.  Though I must admit Season's 2 crime became very convoluted and a bit of a challenge for our little brains to follow.  We needed to keep notes, I guess.

Ver Last Tango in Halifax online

This is really a sort of soap opera but we love the way the two families, from opposite classes, struggle and fret and handle their entanglements.  But manage to keep going which speaks to the strength of family and relationships.  The acting is wonderful too.


This is River and I loved this one.  River is a detective who actually sees people and hears the voices of those who aren't there. A phenonomon that started when he was an extremely lonely little boy missing his mother.  The season had him solving one crime and along the way, we got to learn about his affliction.
 I was interested enough to do a little research. People like River call themselves "Voice Hearers" and it is not nearly as rare as you might think.  They have their own organization and are lobbying to have their condition removed from the category of an illness.  They do not have a medical basis such as schizophrenia that cause the hearings.  In fact just the opposite, they are often highly intelligent, highly functioning, unmedicated people who have been able to employ this to help them cope with some situation or other.  Interesting.

And the stitching itself goes on...

What shows are you stitching to?  Let me know so I can add them to my list.