Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Tiny Bit Bittersweet

There is something a little bittersweet ending a project.  This crocheted Granny Stripe Blanket has been with me since September of last year.  It has been a joy to work, so easy, and the bright colours especially cheery.   It saw me through many episodes of some of my favourite shows, The Missing, Suits, Silk, Whitechapel, just to name a few.  Getting the beginning chain of 200 stitches accurate was just about the hardest thing about it.

I had left my least favourite colour...the pale lilac for the edging.  I was able to crochet around three times with a double crochet stitch before making a decision about the outermost edge.  To do something a little different was the plan so the final lilac row was shell stitch.  Then I decided to crochet a simple picot stitch all the way around with the almost full ball of deep violet remaining.  Picot edgings are so easy but this is the first time I've done it on a blanket.  However, it does use a lot of wool so it was a little nail biting towards the end.  You know the feeling....eying how far you have to go against what is left of the wool and feeling a little uneasy.  But thankfully, it was just about the right amount.

This is an excellent short video tutorial for crocheting the picot stitch.

By the way, my mother has just finished her third Granny Stripe Blanket since I began mine. Plus she has used her bits of leftover wool to make cushion covers.  I'm so happy she has kept up her hobbies.

Last August I got a parcel in the mail from  Mom.  It was 50 knitted wash cloths for me to share with the Daughters, the results of a knitting kick she was on. Like me, she enjoys having something in her hands when watching t.v. or to keep Dad company when he watches hockey games.