Thursday, 30 June 2016

House Shopping Part 2

Wow, we can't believe the wonderful homes we have been looking at on our search.
  It seems like our own house has been rather neglected having no granite in the kitchen or double sinks in the bathrooms or hardwood everywhere your eye falls.

 After all the weeks of looking we have narrowed down our search to a log style home...Hubby always wanted a log house so now he has his chance.  The house we like is not made with the big logs, but it is completely wooden, all kinds of wood. I don't  know yet, but I imagine it will be a little like living in a mountain chalet (minus the mountain).  The back yard has tall fir trees right up to the deck and the owner said with snow on them in the winter it is rather chalet like. Though I think I put that thought in his head.

As our agents, or 'the girls' as Hubby affectionately called them, said, this house ticked all of our boxes.

  If you have purchased a house recently you know there are quite a few steps to follow before a house becomes yours.  So we are part way through that process.  Almost at a point of getting excited but not quite there yet.

Should I show you pictures because what about if it doesn't work out.
Aww, what the heck...

The main room,  see what I mean about the wood. And that's a wood burning insert in the fireplace which Hubby especially likes.  I like the story we were told about the mason who made the fireplace.  He took three weeks to match all the pinks, whites and grays; he's 94 now and living in a local senior's home. Masons always seem to take great pride in their work.

The front of the house...

And the back..lack of rain really ruining the grass there.

See what I mean about it looking rather chalet like.  It could be named Hosta Heaven because there are great bunches of hostas everywhere.
I'll share much more later on if  this becomes a reality. And hope this isn't too boring...

I wonder did our fondness for Bonanza (remember that?) and Longmire influence this choice. Hmmm...

So with  all the running around I am doing, precious little stitching getting done. Though I am working on my Floral Bouquet most evenings.