Monday, 27 June 2016

Luckiest Girl Alive and Red Velvet Cake

But First...the book. 
 This is the book I decided to travel with last week. Jessica Knoll's wondrous hit, Luckiest Girl Alive.  It is well written in a slickish kind of style though with many a clever turn of phrase. I thought I might not like the style at all but I did and wound up enjoying it more than Gone Girl or Girl on The Train...books that are of a similar vein.  It seems you either love this book or seriously seriously hate it; I thought it a good escapist/beach/ fun/ weekend kind of read.

You will be hearing more about it though whether you liked it or not because Reese Witherspoon has bought the movie rights.  

Since Hubby had been without me for a week, I wanted to make up to him for the week long meals of tossed salads and sandwiches by baking him one of his favourites, a chocolate cake.

I was pressed for time and had found a mix in the cupboard that would do in a hurry.

A Duncan Hines mix and it did not disappoint ( shoving aside the thoughts of the chemicals and preservatives lurking in each mouthful!).

I made my own cream cheese frosting, a great 'go-with' for Red Velvet cake.

I don't know how popular Red Velvet cakes are these days. It seems to have been one of those foodie trends that have passed with time.  I  remember making Red Velvet cupcakes back when they were so popular.

I'd forgotten just how red the batter is. This is Eriven's photo from Flickr but mine looked exactly the same. 


Slightly alarming in colour, isn't it.  All due to  red dye lot # 40 or whatever number is the least toxic these days.

 Did you know one of the red dyes is used to brighten the colour of the peels of oranges?
  Best not to think of it.