Friday, 3 June 2016

Appliqued Flowers, Baby Birds and Mama Turtles

Lots of bloom around the farmhouse up the road.

Here are a few of my little appliqued flower blocks made from Kays' book designs.

What a great practice project this has been for me. How I enjoyed not having triangles and exact  measurements to deal with.  Nice to have curves!

The little blanket stitch in progress on this one.  It really adds something to the look doesn't it.

Edging with a little embroidered blanket stitch is finishing them off nicely.  I have them all finished now, just have to put them together and make a little hanging of some sort.

Remember I showed you the robins' eggs in the barbeque at daughter's house.

Progress has been made as all four eggs have hatched.

And I'm happy to report that all four birds have fledged successfully from this nest.  First two left together; a couple of days later one left and another day passed before the last one went.

Speaking of eggs...
Every spring we have a couple of turtles laying eggs on the front lawn.  This year is no different.
These are Painted Turtles, the most common turtle in North America.  In the wild they can live to be over 50 years old.

The hole they dig is very superficial and sometimes no eggs  are laid.  But even when they do lay eggs, they disappear.

Have yet to see any babies ever which is kind of sad.  Perhaps skunks or raccoons get to them.

Back to birds...

Here is Baltimore, a Snowy Owl sporting his video cam on his back.

An Interesting Link  Scientists have always wanted to learn more about Snowy Owls; tracking them into the far north has always been a challenge. This little video retraces the journey of  a Snowy from Baltimore to Ontario.  It shows the places he visited and the folks who saw him.  It is quite charming.

Hope there is something charming in your weekend.