Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Next Project (Of Course I Have One) and UFO Count

 So there I was with a perfectly lovely pattern in my stash and I thought why not.  Why not work out the fabrics and get the pieces all positioned before I have to start thinking of holidays and possible moves.  A big motivator in trying this particular  project was the chance to use fusible applique technique again which I found so easy and fun to do with the flowers.
Warning! It is a little addictive. And sure enough, I thoroughly enjoyed myself getting this piece to this point.  The most time it took was working out the various fabrics, the reds and greens pulled from what I had on hand.  My choices never seem to jump out at me and I don't have a whole lot so it can get a little tricky.  To achieve the lightest green leaves, for instance, I wound up reversing one of the prints and luckily, it gave me the exact shade I wanted.

This project is well suited to batik fabric and I would love to work it up again using them.  I have another pattern for irises and will definitely be looking for purple or blue batiks to complete that one.
I had to back baste the tan fabric in the vase so the dark brown would not show through which is a consideration when choosing fabrics for applique.
I have lots of ideas for finishing this including using embroidery to decorate the tulips themselves.

Never a shortage of ideas here!  Just the time to devote to them.   So grateful to be retired!!

So if anyone is counting, here are my current, as of June, 2016, UFO's

Quilty 365

To date I have 101 circles completed.  I would have had more done but I decided to add an embroidery stitch or two to each one which I am still doing.  That has slowed me down and I am not half way there yet.  But I'm not concerned.  Making these appliqued circles is so enjoyable.

Crocheted Hexagon Afghan

Though I love this project, it has stalled mostly because I have run out of wool and haven't gotten round to ordering new.  I did check at Michael's to see if there was a comparable yarn to fit with my Biggins Design.  Merino seems to have its own feel and nothing I looked at there matched well enough.  Meanwhile I have edged those I have made with one row of single crochet in white.  This is also not a labour intensive project so I have no fears it will be finished in due course.

Floral Bouquet Cross Stitch

Moving right along on this project.  I love it even though you measure cross stitch progress in inches rather than meters as with quilting.  I can see now this one will probably take me through the summer to finish up unless I start finding larger chunks of time to work on it.

My Fusible Applique Flowers and Now Tulip Vase

In just a couple of day's work and I have these two newish projects added to my TO FINISH list. 

Someone asked about My Acorn wool embroidery.  I have the cup finished but haven't had a chance to press and photograph it yet to show you so it is officially a finish.

Oh I did borrow the great Elly Sienkiewicz's DVD from the library as background information on applique.

 I love reading about people like Elly who have made a form of the needlearts their life's work.

Here is one of her web sites if you'd like to learn a little more about her influence on  Baltimore applique in particular.