Monday, 6 June 2016

See, Still Learning

As kids we always celebrated Education Week in school.  Often we made posters and I remember mine in Grade 5 or 6 was "Education begins in the cradle and ends in the grave."  Did you ever do that?  With that in mind...

An interesting article I read was 5 of the Most Googled Health Questions Answered

Well there was my weird love handles question answered! Still learning I guess.

 I'm sure at least one of the questions is something you have wondered about.

If I want to know how to do something these days, I automatically go to the computer.  I learn from the many people who post videos on the internet and there are so many of you who do.  What a resource it is for people like me.

For instance...
With the prospect of using 32 count linen in my next cross stitch project, I realized I'm going to need help with the counting...aging eyes and all that.  This video is quite helpful in providing information on the various ways you can grid your fabric to help with keeping the counting on track.
I have always run a thread to divide my fabric into quarters but hadn't thought of gridding out all the ten space blocks.
 See, still learning.

Have you ever wondered what's the difference between baking in a glass dish as opposed to metal or why baking chocolate turns greyish on the surface.  Or would a recipe for a sheet cake fit into two layer pans.
Even at my age and after many decades of fumbling around in the kitchen, I wonder about these rather mundane questions.  This site has quick answers to these and 15 other of the top questions.

18 Top Baking Questions Answered

Definitely Still learning.

At Sew a Quilt site you will find a huge list of questions, many from beginners, answered by Gloria Massard.  Answers to questions like how many blocks do you need for a full sized quilt or can you use muslin for a quilt backing.  Basic but very useful stuff to know.  While there, have a look around at all that Gloria is offering to share.

Some of the best how-to videos on the internet are also found at another site.
Howcast shows not only the what but the how..
Check it out yourself and see expert videos on a wealth of topics.  There are step by step instructions on everything from how to make a pie to how to pluck your eyebrows.

So me...still learning these truths and so much more.

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