Thursday, 9 June 2016

Around the Garden and Nana News

Around The Garden

Orange poppies are all over this property.  They must have spread naturally over time.  Such a colourful perennial.

This is a Brown Thrasher and I'm happy to see him getting comfortable in our front yard.  One day I caught him using the bird bath.  

The rhubarb is coming along nicely.

Large drifts of wild ox eye daisies are everywhere.

This Norway Maple has grown a lot in my time here.  The leaves stay this colour for the whole season.  It really stands out against the sea of greens.

Nana News

I've had the most wonderful week looking after littler grandson for his parents to take a well-deserved holiday.  We have been exploring the land each day with his little specimen box in which he has put several feathers, two dead June bugs, and a tiny turtle also dead which he declared 'sad'.  A lot of attention was paid to the creek at the back of their property.  He loved stomping in the mud.  We have also been practicing catch and release with multitudes of tadpoles, frogs, minnows and salamanders.  He is 2 years and 7 months old now and I am interested to see what he already knows and can name in his outdoor world.  

Monday I leave for a little holiday myself.  My older grandson, his grandfather and I will be going to Niagara Falls this year for our annual train trip.  This boy loves trains and so do I. I am really looking forward to it.  
With that in mind, I will miss talking to you next week but I will return the following week with lots to tell you.   

On our trip to Toronto May 2015