Tuesday, 21 June 2016

3 Years Ago Today

Three years ago today, I was a little shocked to discover this snapping turtle walking up our laneway.  I couldn't imagine what would have happened if Rex had found him first.  Fortunately, I haven't seen one of these guys since.

Three years ago, a robin made a nest on the top of a plank leaned against the wood shed wall.  She had four babies and all of them grew up and left home.  We took the plank down after because she was ever so lucky a barn cat from next door didn't find them and scale the plank, thanks to that chicken wire.

Three years ago today, I was still a blond!! I have no regrets about letting it go.

Three years ago today, my impatiens I planted along the front walk way had grown nicely.  They would not have fared so well this year with the unseasonably cold spring.

 Three years ago, I was working on a project by Lynette Anderson and loving embroidering the little vignettes that would become this quilt hanging.

I keep promising myself that I will work on another Lynette project again soon as I remember well the pleasure I took in working these.