Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Not Having The Time To Smell The Flowers

House shopping, babysitting for that week, holidaying....all wonderful things, mind you but they have left me a bit short on time to wander the fields and just enjoy the bloom that has happened. Early Sunday morning I walked around and recorded a few flowers as a record for June.  

The extreme heat we have had lately is slowing things down, I notice. The birds are very quiet but I'm happy to see the bird bath is being well used. Especially the robins; they just love to take baths apparently.

I am trying not to think of what will happen if/when I leave this property. I feel a little badly that I have accustomed the birds to ready food but perhaps whoever comes next will continue the practice.
And all the flowers and special trees...hopefully whoever would want this property would have an interest in all that too.

After all, I came along.