Monday, 6 February 2017

A Few Photos of Our Day

Miss Murphy waiting patiently for me to exit my Pet Chair and take her for a walk. Or she'd also be just as happy if I went to the kitchen and started cooking.  She loves helping by catching anything that drops to the floor. 

She tries to show me by looking longingly out the window and then back to me. If only she could speak.  But then, she is getting her point across without saying a word.

Don't worry she'll get her walk; in fact, she gets two a day, one around 8 am and another around 4 pm. no matter the weather.

It's been snowing and snowing. Just about every day, just about all day. Grey days mostly. I don't know if you remember that wonderful golden maple tree I showed you back in the fall. That's it on the right.

The front steps. Lately I've been waiting till later in the day to shovel. This is around 5 p.m.

 Rex, proving big dogs can look cute too.  He can just barely fit in the largest dog bed we can find.  Thankfully his coat has recovered and the shedding has slowed down.

Does this happen at your house? Sometimes you just want tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for supper. (That is whole wheat bread made in the bread machine. Loving it.)