Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Special Chocolate Valentines Cake

Hubby did get his chocolate cake for Valentines, just a few days later. We had a few treats around and I decided to postpone the cake, sort of pace ourselves with the goodies.  I decided to try something a little different for this year's cake.  We'd had chocolate cake made with quinoa a couple years ago at a friend's house and really liked it as unlikely as it sounds. So even though neither of us have gluten issues I decided to make one this time.

I found many recipes online and settled on this one at Making Thyme For Health because I had everything on hand it called for.  The quinoa must be cooked beforehand and I used regular butter and sugar.
 It was very chocolatey, very very moist and days later was still moist.  You really can't taste the quinoa and I think it is an excellent substitute for flour, no doubt.  The only difference was it didn't rise very much so did not have the nice lofty layers you might prefer for a cake. But that may have been something I didn't do as well as I should have.  Anyway, Hubby loves it but then you just have to call something 'cake' and I think he'd like it. 

When I was out of the kitchen, it had to go in the microwave for safe keeping.  Why, you ask.

Because I didn't want this to happen.  This happened back a few years ago when I didn't know the kind of reach a German Shepherd dog could have.  I'd made Hubby another Chocolate Cake for his summertime birthday that time and sat it on the dining room table for the afternoon for all to admire. It wasn't there long when Rex decided he wanted a piece. Cake Loving Dogs was the post I wrote about that experience.

I just reread it and it is interesting to me to see what I was up to way back then (the beauty of a blog as a record).  Apparently besides making yet another chocolate cake, I was knitting a scarf, watching The Good Wife and enjoying all the birds at the feeders.