Monday, 20 February 2017

Was It Winter That Made Me Blue

This helped me on Sunday because I woke up feeling very down in the dumps.  All was right in my little world so why I was feeling like that, I just don't know.  I felt like I had a ton of bricks on my shoulders. I've been challenging myself to write a little deeper lately and it has not gone well but I really don't think that was the cause.  And I couldn't blame the weather...Sunday was so mild all the snow was melting and our walks were wonderful.
I proudly claim right there in my profile that my stitching is my therapy so after our walk and breakfast I got out the freezer paper and scissors and started to work. 
I've finally settled on a quilting project to take me into that's a hopeful thought.

 About the project I have chosen...

Quiltmania offered this as a Mystery BOM in 2016.  It features 20 blocks from the book 2001 Patchwork Blocks by Chuck Nohara which I have.  They settled on choosing patterns of flowers and gave this venture the title "Tuesday Flowers" because they released the new blocks on a Tuesday.  I really wanted to tackle EPP again but not 100 blocks so this 20 will be perfect for my mood right now. 

The great news about this is that you do not need Chuck's wonderful book to complete it.  The patterns and videos featuring instructional tutorials are on the Quiltmania site and are free.  
I don't have the snazzy fabrics the show piece was sewn in,( I do love that polka dot fabric) but I have nice florals that I  think will suit the flowery parts.

The very first block has 32 diamonds


 and I decided to leave that one till I got my applique stitch up to speed again.  So all day Sunday I beavered away and prepped four blocks; traced the parts on freezer paper, ironed onto fabric and got them kitted up into individual containers.  Which sounds far more organized than I feel.

 Here is my first block laid out just to look at.  Right away I see two centers the same so will have to change one.  Lots of circles in this set of blocks so maybe I can use it somewhere else.

I already love this appliqueing again and using EPP.  There is definitely something therapeutic in the process and in the hand stitching. I then spent an hour with the folks on my blog Reading List.  I enjoy reading about life all over the globe, Wales, Australia, Holland, etc. and so many parts of the US.  While I won't say I was ready to kick up my heels at the end of the day, I definitely felt good about such a productive day in the sewing room and reading has always been a comfort to me.

Oh I just hate when this happens though...a mood sabotages you right out of the blue.  Does it ever happen to you?  I also feel guilty  too when I know there is so much happening in this world to get people down and none of it applies to me. Sorry for whining!

Our local newspaper just had a big spread on the serious consequences of falling down especially for seniors.  With the icy conditions we've had in January and February, emergency rooms have logged hundreds of cases involving falls.  Damaging a hip, knee, or breaking bones can change life as we know it.

Hubby is worried about his stumbling about.  He says he is no longer stumbling about in the dark 😊but in broad daylight too and he doesn't need ice to instigate it.  He's so tall...was 6' 4", now 6' 2" or about so when he gets unbalanced it is a long way to the floor.  It scares him but he is so cautious he has not had a serious fall yet. Fingers crossed!

Ooh it's such a cheery post today; hope it won't get you down. LOL

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