Friday, 10 February 2017

Hexagon Finale and Frosty Fields

My Crocheted Hexagon Afghan

So happy to have this project completed even though I loved working on it.  I crocheted an edging of double crochet all around the outside to finish it off.  Such cheery colours.  I've decided to keep it on our upstairs sofa for now just to enjoy it in its completed state...finally!

I've kept out our little snowman that appeared with the Christmas decorations. He's technically not Christmas and we are still in the snowy season that's for sure.

The fabric rocking horse is from Hubby's childhood. I try to find a good place to display him each Christmas. He is now packed away.

And speaking of Christmas, I recently checked this book out of the library.  301 Country Christmas Quilt Blocks by Cheri Saffiote.

                      Image result for 301 country christmas quilt blocks

I really liked it. The blocks, worked in fabrics or wool, are primitive in design, a style that is still very very popular. I think people like the way primitive blocks don't have to be precise or perfect which is freeing in and of itself.
   I looked on Amazon and it can be purchased, very good used for about $9.00 which seems like a good deal to me.

We have had a very strange set of weather circumstances.  Snow, freezing rain, and then deep freeze temperatures that have turned all outside surfaces into ice.  On main roads, enough salt was used to clear them but all the fields and gardens are shiny, slippery surfaces with about a quarter inch of ice covering them.  I tried to get a photo or two to show you.

I was hoping the light shining would show the very smooth icy texture of all the ground.  Tuesday on our walk, Hubby used his fancy new clamps on his boots and was heavy enough to break through and I trod carefully in the steps he made.  Yesterday I decided I didn't want to take a chance on slipping and falling so I didn't go out.  

I know these conditions are not just hazardous for people; deer and other animals struggle to cope during these days.  Very cold with -33 C (with the windchill) overnight temperature so no end in sight for it just yet.  

Hope your weekend won't be as frosty as mine. 
Any special plans?  Early Valentine dinner perhaps...