Friday, 17 February 2017

Variegated Anything and Embroidering Again

How do you feel about variegated yarns?
 My answer would be it depends on the yarn.  Because I know some are really beautiful.
 I crocheted this afghan several years back. I'd chosen the wool with pink, brown and cream because I love the combination but when it was finished I didn't care for the look of it at all.  Too spotty or something.
Recently I got it out to have a look thinking maybe with time my eyes would view it differently, but no.

However, I do remember feeling good that I learned how to crochet a circle in a square with this project.

I had this tucked away in one of the big plastic totes we had 'invested' in for the move.  I have three of them devoted to my sewing 'stuff'.  It made me think though just how many times must I take everything out and reorganize them to feel I can put my hand on whatever.  Even the lists I made and posted on the top didn't seem to last.

 Just like my fridge.  I always seem to be organizing it; yet come across things I'd forgotten about or have to do 'deep diving' (as I call it) to find something. Do you find that?

I think of embroidery as my first love.  One of my grandmothers wrote my name on a piece of cloth when I was around 10 or 11 and showed me how to embroider over it and I was hooked.  I can't think of a time in my life when I haven't had a project 'on the go'.

  I love Nancy Nicholson's birds; they are folk style with colour combinations that are unique to Nancy's work. Her flowers and trees to embroider are also interesting and you can see what I mean HERE.
 I've had this lovely little kit in my stash for a couple of years.

                                                   Image result for nancy nicholson bird embroidery

This week was its turn to get my full attention. Funny how sometimes things just naturally seem to have their time to be worked on.  It will be a quick project and no counting.

Loving getting reacquainted with French knots and fly stitch again.  The kit uses 10 different stitches,  all illustrated right on the fabric.  None new to me which is too bad as I enjoy trying to learn new ones.
This is Nancy's latest book and it offers 30 original designs to be made into folk art projects.


Did you know it is the 75th birthday of Little Golden Books which means they were around even in my childhood. lol  I had plenty of reading though working my way through The Bobbsey Twins first and then Trixie Belden and Cherry Ames.  And that brings to mind a fond childhood memory too of my grandmother who always had one of these books in her suitcase for me (along with gum and peppermint knobs) when she made her every two month's regular visit.  Grandmothers are so important!

I just had to show you this since it is still the month of love; it is part of the Little Golden Books "Everything I Need to Know About" series written for adults...isn't the look on her face something. Yes, her feet are firmly planted on the ground. LOL But it has been described as witty so I might need to read this.

Image result for little golden book about valentines

I'll have some quilting news on Monday.
Hope your feet are firmly planted on terra firma and your weekend is filled with good things start to finish.