Monday, 27 February 2017

And Then We Got Into the Chicago Popcorn

I've been pretty good about diet lately and my exercise.
  Trying to rid myself of that sluggish feeling one gets mid winter when the comfort food wish takes over so have been eating salads alternating with heartier fare.  Saturday night watching t.v. and Hubby remembered we had bought a bag of popcorn at Costco as a treat.  Now it is not like him to seek snack food at night...he enjoys his parade of tea and bikkies during the day but calls a halt once supper is cleared.

                                             Image result for chicago popcorn

So we started in on the bag and it is Chicago mix popcorn which if you are familiar is a combination of cheddar cheese balls and caramel balls...the salt and sweet combination that taste buds adore, or at least mine do.  It was so good we both munched through a couple of programs before one of us had the strength to say take it away.  I daren't look at the calorie count. I wonder how many days of supposedly good eating did I undo.
 But the wicked bag is still down there in the cold room on the top shelf calling my name.

A smile from Felicity and Christine at Quilters Diary.  A little too close to home for me!


Just look; hunting for knitting needles in one of my totes I found a little bag containing these guys...14 more of my Quilty 365 circle blocks I'd made and poked away.  Too late to make it into the quilt.  Drats.
But that is so me.  Nothing is ever really lost, mislaid yes, but lost, no.  But sadly for me I didn't even know I was short on circles.

About my feeling the blues post...
Thanks everybody for your comments, emails and suggestions re mood control and combating the winter blues.
 It seems a lot of us have dealt with mood fluctuations and have come up with our own and varied solutions.  As a result of this latest little bout...I am feeling quite neutral at the moment, I have been down many rabbit holes via the internet.
 One I will share is learning more about the pineal gland and its function in the body.  I knew nothing much about this tiny gland before but have come to understand its importance in helping regulate mood and sleep patterns.  I've told you before that I am not a good sleeper so this intrigued me to do further exploration.
Briefly, I discovered that exposure to light is extremely important to good pineal gland functioning.  And artificial light doesn't count.  So my walks each day in the fresh air and light are vital in more ways than one.  I'll try to keep this in mind (unlike my circles!).

Being proactive in this way is a good thing.  It's keeping me thinking at least.