Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Are You Putting This On Your Face?

I've talked about my poor face before...the vitiligo and rosacea so I am a little sensitive about my sensitive skin.  I have to protect it especially during sunny days which has not been a problem lately at all. Sadly.
I've used most of the drugstore varieties of face moisturizers in my time but recently I've been trying something completely different.

Anybody else out there using coconut oil on their face?

This occurred to me because I read a couple of blogs about using household items for a variety of remedies.  The idea of using the things you have in your cupboard appeals to me and I never forget the 'real' research on face creams says for what good the expensive creams can do, you may as well be spreading lard on your face.

  Lately with winter's drying power making my skin fair creak, I decided to try coconut oil.  I've been adding 3 tablespoons to Rex's nightly kong treat and it seems to be helping his coat tremendously.  If it can help that coat of his, which was in such a sorry state, I'm thinking it could help my old skin. Or at the least, not hurt it.
This is so comical to me...the dog and I sharing the same beauty regime.

We also have friends who swear by coconut oil and their skin is very smooth.  Last time we saw them they suggested we both try it, which I took to be a hint of sorts.  So I've been washing in the morning and rubbing a little amount, for a little goes a long way, everywhere on my face except my nose.  I'm using the organic brand so it doesn't smell quite as coconuty.  I notice it takes a while for it to be completely absorbed but it does disappear and it doesn't feel greasy at all.
  I'll let you know how this works for me...or doesn't.  I wonder.

And here might be a good reason I'm obsessing about dry skin right now.  During our heavy snowfall on the weekend and starting on our walk with the dogs, Hubby took this photo of me.

A big hello from snowy Canada to all my good friends in the blogging world.

 I'm so happy to have you as a part of my life.

Happy Valentine's!💕