Monday, 20 March 2017

A Charmed Life

At home we say if someone can take it easy or have things taken care of for them, they have a charmed life.  In terms of retirement and having time to give to whatever my fingers itch to do, at this little stage of life, finally I just may be living that charmed life.

And today just happens to be the first day of spring...a most welcome thought for us here in the northern hemisphere and especially after this winter.  Cold and snowy and long it was.

A fine plus 7 C with brilliant sunshine on Sunday had us thinking spring could really be happening.
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I love oranges especially sweet ones. The best oranges I've found are from Walmart which is a surprise.  We do have fancy places here that specialize in fresh food but yet their oranges are not as good as Walmart's.  I think these are called sweet and fancy or something like that.  I make sure Hubby has orange pieces every day with his breakfast.

  Having someone take care of us, look after our basic needs, asking always how are you; I don't think a price can be placed on that, do you?  Life is meant to be shared.

This weekend I stitched to my heart's content but no photos till tomorrow.
I had great fun following along with these ladies who are actually sisters, the Grocery Girls on Youtube while busy myself. Perhaps you'd like to check them out. They seem to work well together, have interesting projects and I like their chatter. Yarny stuff but also lots of other interesting things.

This popular post turned up on my facebook page on Saturday. I was struck by the thought of how different our world would be if we could keep it all simple like this. All the hardship that would be instantly eliminated.

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