Monday, 13 March 2017

Applique Loving Amateur

I think I forgot to show what Hubby brought home around Valentine's Day.  This is a kolanchoe plant native to Africa and Madagascar. Not sure how it found its' way to Canada but here it is.  It loves sunshine and needs steady warmth.  Since our house is quite cool overnight it will be a real challenge for me not to kill it. But it is a perennial and I would love to try to have those pretty pink flowers revive and rebloom.  Fingers crossed.

I have been busy working on my Tuesday Flowers project.  There are 20 blocks in this set and I have 6 now in various stages of 'doneness'.  I tend to settle in with a session of prepping block pieces and then later on do the hand sewing.  EPP is such a wonderful process for anyone who likes hand work.  I love every stage myself.  My worry at this point is that I don't have as much fabric as I should have. I'm already having a lot of repetition in my blocks.  Perhaps I should look into getting some more.  (Like that would be a chore!)

This is Block 14 and I loved working on the little leaf like pieces.

Here are Blocks 12 and 19  almost completed. They have been sewn but need centers and finishing touches like stems for Number 19.

Again I wish the camera could capture the true colours but really failed when bright sunshine was pouring in the windows.

I've neglected to show you the books I've been reading.  From Pulitzer Prize winning Anna Quindlen comes Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake which is a memoir and is exactly as I expected.  She is one of those gifted authors who includes humour in her writing at the same time as making it heart warming and thought provoking. I particularly enjoyed the bits about growing old.  I've read all her books and enjoyed them.
Miriam Toews' All My Puny Sorrows is so well written but heavy.  Or at least I found it heavy even though there were bits of real humour here and there.  Family, sisters, suicide, obligations, joy, humour, tragedy. Ahh the mystery of connections in this life and interesting writing to the very end.

Snow in our forecast. But despite that I spent an hour online at the Vessey's site ogling all the blooms and bushes.  It's indoor seed planting time for certain things like pumpkins and tomatoes.  Last fall I did make note of the flowers I would like to add to this garden so now's the time to get going with the ordering.  Happy thoughts while the world is still white.

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