Monday, 27 March 2017

Odd Things I've Been Told

All very peaceful in my valley these days.  Snow and rain during our walks but milder temperatures.  Hubby is looking at motorcycle brochures and I am looking at flower catalogs, so despite the weather, it must be spring.

Sleeping or not sleeping is a topic of conversation around here with Hubby thinking he sleeps too much and myself convinced I don't sleep enough.  That led to talking about the subject of lucid dreams and time travel and other odd stuff.  It made me think of some other rather odd things I've heard.

Here are six that came to mind.

1. A woman told me she gets cold sores if she drinks pop directly from the can.  Something in the contact of her mouth and metal, she thinks.

2. That breast milk gives people a sweet tooth.

3. You know how we sometimes mix up names and call one kid by another one's name. Sometimes we might even call a child by the dog's name or vice versa.  But I've been told no one ever accidentally calls their child the cat's name.

4. People have tried for decades but no one has been able to breed a truly black rose. Apparently there is a million dollars somewhere for the first person to do so.

5. You should never give knives as a gift to friends.  It will sever the relationship.

6. Spatchcocking?? What in the world? I know there are lots of terms that I am unfamiliar with but this is a cooking term and who would ever guess this is a cooking word.

Erie Reader explains it well. And no you don't need to blush!

Heard of any of these?

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